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Red Cliff news
mikomiДата: Четверг, 26.11.2009, 09:49 | Сообщение # 16
TK Bishamonten incarnation
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There is an interview with Takeshi Kaneshiro about the Red Cliff made by LarenThomas on Friday, November 20, 2009 5:00PM

Exclusive Ningin Interview: Takeshi Kaneshiro on Red Cliff

LarenThomas on Friday, November 20, 2009 5:00PM

Since I went nuts over Red Cliff, the good people here at Ningin (and the good people who work with Takeshi Kaneshiro) allowed me to interview Takeshi Kaneshiro (that’s right, I bolded it twice- can you tell I was excited about this?) For those of you who haven’t been following my Red Cliff posts (shame on you, go read my blog!), Takeshi played a leading role in Red Cliff as famous military strategist Zhuge Liang. Read on for Takeshi on his role in Red Cliff and more.
LT: I thought your performance in Red Cliff was incredible! What sort of approach and preparation was involved for your role as Zhuge Liang?
TK: Oh! Thanks! (Smile). I think this character Zhuge Liang is very difficult to play. He is such a famous person in all Chinese audiences’ mind already; everyone will have a very strong and slightly different image of Zhuge in their mind. All I can do is try to read many of the three kingdom related books and novels. And I remembered when I got this part, I was filming “The Warlords” with Jet Li in China, and the whole production crew from China was recommending I watch a Chinese “Three Kingdom” TV series and so I did. But I think most importantly, I discussed my character with director John Woo. After all, it is his version of the Battle of Red Cliff — it might be a different version or perspective than what the audience read from the novels. I was just trying my best to present an image of Zhuge which John Woo would find suitable.
LT: Did you have any embarrassing or funny moments while filming that you’re willing to confess?
TK: Hmm, I don’t think it’s embarrassing — I won’t call it a confession though. During the shooting, all the other characters were involved in war fighting scenes except Zhuge, because Zhuge was a strategist, not a warrior, so I was just waving my fan and providing ideas…. Hahaha… Seeing other characters wearing helmets and armor fighting in 38°C (100°F) summer days — that was really difficult for them.
LT: What scene did you particularly enjoy filming and why?
TK: Well, I have to say I liked the whole movie. There are some scenes which I did not participate in that I might have enjoyed if I were there (haha). And a lot of scenes with Cao Cao’s army make me feel very excited about when I watch the film. I think the whole movie presented the colors of each character very well, and I really enjoy watching it as a whole story so it is hard to say if there is any scene in particular.
LT: Given that the Western release of Red Cliff is half the content of the Asian release, do you feel it is an accurate reflection of the writer and director’s vision?
TK: I don’t know — I actually have not watched the US version. Maybe it is easier for the Western audiences to understand or digest it? You should ask the director… haha.
LT: Speaking as many languages as you do, do you ever slip up and start using the wrong language for your situation, or do you find it easy to get in a “mode”?
TK: No, not really. I think when I am in a place for quite some time then I move to other place — for example, if I was filming in China for a few months then I go back to Japan, my Japanese friends would say my Japanese gets less fluent than before. But then I will catch up very quickly if I stay in the same place.
LT: In closing, do you have any projects you’re currently working on or appearances you’d like our readers to know about?
TK: There are some projects I am reading but it is not confirmed yet so I can’t really tell right now.
WHAT?! What a downer! To be perfectly honest, although I enjoyed Takeshi Kaneshiro’s performance in House of Flying Daggers, I didn’t consider myself a fan until watching Red Cliff, which turned me into a proper fangirl. I’m desperate to know what’s coming next.
Anyone want to suggest one of his older films for me?
Don’t forget to watch Red Cliff in theaters now. If I haven’t convinced you yet, maybe this epic trailer will:
For more information, please visit the official Red Cliff site.

Source: http://blog.ningin.com/2009/11/20/takeshi-kaneshiro-on-red-cliff/
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