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Форум TK » English Forum » TK - miscellaneous » Takeshi Kaneshiro has previously had feelings for Kelly Chen (nice article)
Takeshi Kaneshiro has previously had feelings for Kelly Chen
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Source: http://tvbnewsworld.blogspot.com/2008....ad.html
Takeshi Kaneshiro accepted an interview for the "Anchorperson Guest Room Show" ( 主播會客室) earlier. He stated that since fiming the movie "Perhaps Love" (如果.愛) he had no longer filmed a love story movie. Since then he had only been filming movies based on brother relations and felt that it was getting rather boring. He would like to film another love story movie in the future.

Takeshi was also asked whether he was interested in becoming a director. He said since seeing John Woo direct for the movie "Red Cliff" he found it was very hard work and soon lost interest in that goal. But if he had the choice he will choose to direct comedy movies, as making the audience laugh is harder than making them cry. If he succeeded it would be a very satisfying achievement. When asked about Kelly Chen previously stating that he was the only actor that she felt feelings for while filming a movie, he replied "When I worked with Kelly, I found that we got more and more close. The more I got to know her, the more real feelings I had for her. She is actually very cute, naive and very funny. " Asked why he had very little rumours in his career to date? he said "Because after the director says Cut I can immediatley get out of character, I've had training. "

Due to Takeshi's good looking appearance you would believe that many girls would be throwing themselves at him and making a move on him. But he states "the girls often come to me and the first thing they say is whether they can have an autograph. The second phrase is whether I could take a picture with them, that is all they say, there is no third question. "He also feels he is too busy with work and has no time for dating or meeting the opposite sex. But he expresses that if he likes someone, he will not use sneaky tactics to pursue that person. He feels that if you like someone you will naturally want to get to know them. Asked if he was currently dating? "No, but I have someone in mind. "Asked if he will choose not to reveal his relationship to the public? He responds by saying "Who said that I wouldn't?".

Source: Takungpao
Translated by: kingkongit27 @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

May the Force Be With You!
Форум TK » English Forum » TK - miscellaneous » Takeshi Kaneshiro has previously had feelings for Kelly Chen (nice article)
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